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In the highly saturated real estate industry, first impressions matter. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) , estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States, and nearly 200 thousand real estate brokerage firms operating across the United States. Not to mention the average real estate experience of all realtors is 9 years. With so much competition it's important to stand out. Conor Brennan knew his brand identity was his greatest ally in an industry so ripe with competition.

When facilitating the sale of a home, business, plot of land, or even a whole town, like in the case of Conor Brennan selling The Town of Campo, it is imperative for brokers, real estate agents, realtors, and companies to not only look professional, but to provide the best representation of their clients' property. This not only shows their current clients that they value their business, but future clients that they're the best person to entrust with a major buying or selling decision.

Mindful prospective buyers and sellers want to work with brands high in value, that they feel they can trust to get the job done.

According to the National Federation of Realtors, "85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video as part of their marketing efforts."

What the statistic doesn't mention is 100% of buyers and sellers want to watch video without things like outdated clipart graphics, bad lighting, or poorly stitched-together cell phone images converted into video. Especially when they're trusting a professional to deal with such a large purchase or sale of a long-term investment.

Realtors who utilize professional, high-quality videos and photos in their marketing, instantly communicate a level of trustworthiness, which quickly helps attract more buyers and sellers!

The mission of The Brennan Group is to maximize their value to their clients' end goal. Their team meticulously strategizes how to position their client's assets to reach their ultimate target, and does so by combining traditional brokerage with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

In 2019 Conor Brennan approached HMBD for 4k photography and video for his marketing.

Superior Quality, Conversion Focused

Video Production & Photography

Do photos and videos help improve brand recognition, as well as online lead generation? According to the stats, 'yes'!

Buyers spend 60% of their time on a property page looking at the listing's photos.

Listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster than those without.

Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than their videoless counterparts.

Houses with aerial footage and photographs sell 68% faster than those without.

86% of buyers use video to research a particular community.

Realtors have collectively seen over a 40% increase in profits from video marketing alone.

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages.

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

Initial emails with a video receive an increased click-through rate of 96%.

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

Social videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.


HMBD produced targeted, conversion-focused, 4K videos custom branded to The Brennan Group of Marcus & Millichap. This helped them increase brand recognition, as well as the quantity and quality of their online leads by clearly representing a unique, high-value brand image online that set them apart from their competitors.

Multi-Property Portfolio Video
Single Property Investment Video
Branding Video

In supplement to heightening the brand value represented in The Brennan Group's listing videos, HMBD produced a featured branding video, to introduce Coner Brennan, as the founder of the Brennan Group, and establish him as an expert in his field. The video highlights The Brennan Group's recent close on the sale of 12 Prime San Diego Buildings and approximately 100 residences in downtown San Diego. This production quickly builds confidence with current clients as well as establishes instant rapport and trust with prospective buyers or sellers.


Team Photos

The Brennan Group utilized HMBD to create 4k imagery to showcase their team as well as listings online and off. This allowed The Brennan Group to ensure they put their best foot forward at every client touchpoint, whether it be in their marketing packages, brochures, flyers, blogs, newspaper ads, listings, social media, website, or anywhere buyers and sellers find them online or off. The Brennan Group now exudes the expertise and professionalism in their personal marketing that they portray in-person to their clients.

Property Showcase Photos


Since The Brennan Group started utilizing HMBD for all of their photography and video production needs, they have reported an increase in the quality of online leads generated as well as an increase in the number of leads generated from their website as well as through social media.

In 2019, founder Conor Brennan of the Brennan Group got a call from Las Vegas investor John Ray, Ray told Brennan that he had his own town and he might want to sell it. Brennan instantly reached out to HMBD to start photography and video production for the marketing of the multi-million dollar listing. The sale of an entire town in San Diego County minutes from the border created a lot of hype for The Brennan Group and its client. The listing was showcased across many major media outlets and networks, including the major and minor news channels across the state of California, Business Insider, People,,, and Bro Bible, to name a few. The buzz surrounding the sale of the Town of Campo launched a huge increase in brand recognition, solidified with the representation of 4k, professional photography, and video production.

Following his partnership with HMBD, Conor Brennan was awarded the Marcus & Millichap National award for both 2019 and 2020 as well as the Sales Recognition Award for those same years. In 2020 Conor Brennan was promoted to Senior Investment Associate and today he currently ranks as one of the top producers of small apartment buildings in San Diego. With a strong anchor in the San Diego multifamily markets, The Brennan Group strives to be the pre-eminent and go-to source for all market information and decision-making counsel through unparalleled market knowledge, resilience, market inter-connectivity, and integrity. Utilizing the knowledge of The Brennan Group in unison with superior quality media and exceptional branding produced by HMBD, The Brennan Group of Marcus & Millichap will continue to establish strong brand recognition, as well as improve the quality as well as quantity of their leads generated from their marketing efforts across all mediums.

Get high-quality, branded, conversion-focused photos, videos, graphic design, and more for your real estate business!

When you partner with HMBD, you gain access to professional teams of photographers, video producers, graphic artists, web developers, marketers, S.E.O. experts, and more, all with years of experience working with top real estate brokers, agents, and companies. Constantly evolving each year, we utilize the most current and sophisticated technology to ensure you stay at the top of your industry. Whether it be in photography, video, or marketing, we utilize the best technology in drone, green screen, 4K film, editing, and more!

We provide high-quality, conversion-focused photos and videos custom-tailored to your business needs and ideal audience. Want something to set you apart? We employ teams of animators to deliver original logo animations, branding graphics, and map animations to take your content to the next level. Moreover, we have a full-stack team of social media managers, graphic designers, advertising specialists, and more to help you with your sales and marketing initiatives. Our packages come with MLS branded & unbranded versions as needed, as well as the original 4k video files for download in addition to MLS ready links. We deliver 110% satisfaction on every project!

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